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Summer Theater Camp Registration Form - Due June 30th

Raptor Football Camp 2014 Registration Form. Form is due by July 9th.

Uncle Ben Walk Run Info -- August 16th

2014 WVC 7-8 Track Results

UNI Volleyball Camp Registration Form

On-line payment for lunch balances now available.  On the left side of the Raptors Homepage are links to the school’s new eFunds electronic payment system.  Similar to the lunch menus, there is a link for GH/Ridge View High School and a link for SC/Ridge View Middle school.  When you go to the payment site, you will find a link to register as a new parent user and a set of instructions for registering.  Once registered you will need to setup payment options and link to your children.  You will need a student number from the school to link your children, please call a school office for that number or if you have any other questions. 

For more general information about the payment system click here.  
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Ridge View is the shared school of Galva-Holstein and Schaller-Crestland, 
serving the communities of Early, Galva, Holstein, Nemaha, and Schaller. 
The sharing agreement began with the 2010-11 school year.

The most up-to-date information will be the Google Calendar below.)

District Calendar

Five Year Needs 
Assessment Surveys


Holstein, Iowa 51025

Principal Ellen Pickhinke
Early, IA  50535

Principal Mike Richard
Galva, IA  51020

Principal Mike Richard
Holstein, IA  51025

Principal Ellen Pickhinke
Schaller, Iowa 51053

Director Ellen Pickhinke
Schaller, Iowa 51053