Shever snapshot

Ridge View High School Counselor

School Counseling Mission

To support ALL students in every WAY each and every DAY. To provide a safe place for students to explore their futures, dream big dreams, and feel heard. To give students access and knowledge to use new tools to reach new heights.


A little bit about Mrs. Shever:

  • I graduated from Buena Vista University as a High School Social Science Teacher, but went back to BVU for a master's in Professional School Counseling.

  • My family and I live in Holstein, but have a family farm as well.

  • My favorite part of being a counselor is getting to know the students- I learn something new about each student each and every day!

  • My other favorite things include: books, pizza, lots of coffee, and the outdoors.

Now Accepting Donations.....

The Student Support Center is accepting the following donations from community members to go towards students in need of those items. Contact Mrs. Shever for more information



  • Undergarments- mens & womens, various sizes

  • Toiletries- soaps, deodorants, etc.

  • Food items- non perishable, minimal prep (easy mac, etc.)

  • Sweatpants/leggings- mens/womens, various sizes

  • T-shirts/Sweatshirts- mens/womens, various sizes (bonus if they're raptor apparel!)

  • Shoes of all sizes

  • School Supplies

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