Board of Education

Both the Schaller-Crestland and Galva -Holstein Boards have been very active in making improvements to our schools. Lets take a look at what we’ve done with the dollars provided to us by our Penny Sales tax (SILO) and our Physical Plant and Equipment Levies. (PPEL)
Note: SILO and PPEL dollars are not commingled between districts and are expressively used by each district for improvement of their assets only.
The pictures may be representative of the same project in the other school district and is noted in the captions.

What’s New at Ridge View

  • New playground equipment at the Schaller-Crestland Elementary Building.

  • Both the gyms in Schaller and Holstein added hand railings and half steps in the rows of the bleachers so as to make it easier for our senior citizens and disabled persons to get up to higher rows for better viewing at events. Our elderly patrons are no longer relegated to the lower rows to enjoy events in the gyms. It is both boards commitment to our patrons to be ADA accessible in everything we provide to the public whether it be parking lot spaces or indoor and outdoor seating.

  • With the advent of sharing reliable vehicles for student and driver safety became high priority. Both schools have worked hard to update their small vehicle fleets. Whether we use them for Drivers Education or student transportation, reliability and the latest in air bag safety is a must on new purchases. The small vehicle fleet helps in the cost of fuel purchases with new fuel efficient vehicles. More importantly the small vehicle fleet helps school employees keep our commitment to our communities that no child will be left out because a lack of a ride to participate or practice.

  •  Aesthetics are important to all schools and we want to please our public. PPEL and SILO dollars help with outdoor landscaping projects.

  •  Galva-Holstein just completed a new bus barn as a place to store the nine busses kept in the fleet. Keeping the busses out of the weather helps on wear and tear of course but more importantly shelters the drivers on pre-trip inspections that are required on their busses before departing on any trip.

  •  Both Early and Holstein have state of the art all weather tracks for their students to practice and participate on. New bleachers were added at Holstein that are handicap accessible with expanded seating for large track events such as the Holstein relays. There are not many schools in Iowa that can boast having two all weather tracks for their middle and high school students. Community efforts and support made assembling the new stadium bleachers possible.

  • Technology is ever changing and keeping up is a challenge for all schools. New labs for students with at least 25 computers each have been put in at Holstein, Galva, Schaller and Early. At the Galva building better wireless connectivity was needed and finished up this fall. There was a lot of frustration with dropping signals the past several years and the problem has been solved.

  • Once the “STOP”action occurs the chip needs to be replaced, about a $70 item. However, no one has lost a hand or finger for the rest of their life. The saw cost about $3500 complete with fences and accessories. A small price to pay for student and employee safety.

  • Scoreboards like the new one in Early and this one shown in Holstein are now wireless. There is no connecting wire that has to be installed and is controlled by radio signals from the press boxes. Unique to both of these scoreboards is that they will interface with the new FAT timing system which will show, Lane, place, and time after a track running event.

  • With the help of the Ridge View Music Boosters even band instruments can be purchase with PPEL/SILO dollars. Two sets of these were purchased, one for the Middle school in Early and one for the High School. 4 piece sets were required for contests and add even more to our concerts held locally. Without PPEL and SILO dollars this wouldn’t have been possible.

  •  “SMART” boards are being installed in classrooms across both districts. This interactive technology is being used from Pre-School to High School. They allow teachers to interact with the web and predesigned lessons such as counting money and calendar activities to seeing how words are formulated in a foreign language.