English - 8 credits

English I (2), English II (2), English III or equivalent (2), English Electives (2)

Math - 6 credits

Algebra I (2), Math Electives (4)

**All students are required to take three years of math during their high school career. Algebra 1 during their eighth grade year counts towards their RAI score, but does NOT count as one of their three years of high school math. Algebra 1 taken during eighth grade year does count into Freshman year GPA and towards OVERALL credits. Algebra I taken as an 8th grader cannot be retaken in high school to improve a grade unless it was failed in 8th grade.**  For 2020-21 year only, in the event a significant portion of the year is taught online due to school closure, 8th graders will be allowed to retake Algebra I as a freshman.

Science - 6 credits

General Science (2), Biology (2), Science Electives (2)

Social Studies - 6 credits

US History (2), Government (1), 3 Social Study Electives (3)

PE - 4 credits

1 PE elective each year (4)

Health - 1 Credit


Financial Literacy - 1 Credit

Choice of Personal Finance, Independent Living, or Economics(Economics will not count towards the Financial Literacy Credit beginning with the Class of 2019).

CPR Training - in compliance with the Healthy Kids Act every student of Ridge View High School shall complete a certification course for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  The principal may waive this requirement if the student is not physically able to successfully complete the training.  A student is exempt from the requirement of this paragraph if the student presents satisfactory evidence to the school district that the student possesses cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification.